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Standard Process 

Whole food nutritional supplements grown and processed on  company-owned, certified organic farmland in the rich soils of Wisconsin.

“Whole foods are the best natural source of vitamins."

Dr. Royal Lee founder of Standard Process since 1929

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Professional-grade supplements and wellness products, plus tools for healthy habits.

Amazing health starts in the gut. These digestive health supplements have been clinically tried, tested and proven to rebalance the gut microbiome from pro, pre and post biotics, yeast/candida issues, heart burn, indigestion and immune support and so much more.

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Things we love...

We love grounding & earthing shoes: - Beautiful and soft natural leather shoes for a luxurious barefoot grounding experience - Adventure-approved, minimalist grounding sandals. (vegan)

We love tea: - Their process of making green and other herbal teas preserves the phytonutrients and is triple toxin screened. Tastes great and is easy to make with individual sachets. 

We love clean water: - Traveling around the country, we encounter an enormous variety of water sources but we feel safe with our 2.25 gal Big Berkey and every cup of water always tastes great, as the filters address over 200+ potential contaminants.


"To be classified as a water purifier, a water treatment device must remove at least 99.9999% of pathogenic bacteria, reduce viruses by 99.99%, and reduce parasites and cysts by 99.9%."


And the Berkey test results have shown that they meet and exceed the above removal standards.

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