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Tai is always learning new modalities to enrich her health practice 'toolbox' to better treat her patients.


Currently, she is living on the open road in the US in her RV with hubby, Jon and two pups, Max & Abby.   The craziness of the past couple of years has created the impetus to live life to its fullest and take advantage of the new ability to work remotely.

Tai's practice is now going online until they find a place to settle for a while and she can open up a bricks and mortar, live-in-person, practice again.

How can we help you online, you may be asking?

You can join the amazing, interactive FIT-5-40-5 program for fitness, nutrition and mindfulness in one portal where Tai will support your journey to better physical health, better nutrition and get started with a stress-relieving, uplifting meditation practice.

You can add more personalized coaching with a health review of your symptoms and issues you are struggling with and need short or long term support to clear. There are individual consultations with a variety of follow-up or maintenance options.  Your improvement is the main goal! You will receive one-on-one video or call sessions, lifestyle review and recommendations for further integrative medical testing, supplements, nutrition and therapeutic exercises and mindfulness tools.


Tai has taken the lock-down time to work on further nutrition, herbal studies, energy and light healing and meditation work. 

Her strengths for using her innate skills with intuition, reviewing medical labs and using a comprehensive health intake help to dive into the root causes of disfunction in the body and therefore lead to quicker improvements when recommendations are followed.

Tai continues to study the energy of light and frequency for healing with:

  • Esogetic Colorpuncture  - the combination of acupuncture with light therapy using cutting edge technology from Europe to elicit changes in the body on psycho-emotional and somatic levels. More on colorpuncture HERE.


These are two amazing skill sets in diagnosis and light therapy treatments that are fantastic for hard-to-treat, chronic diseases and dysfunctions. 

Online Dispensaries and Product Discounts:

For all things digestion and great probiotics:  Microbiome Labs

(Contact me for a discount code for the Direct2Patient account)

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